The brainchild of Chuck and his son, Scott, this brewery brings Chuck’s 50 years of brewing experience to a new, fully independent craft brand. 

 “There are so many exciting, clever brews coming out of the Australian craft industry at the moment,” says Scott, who has over a decade of experience as an executive in the beverage industry. “With Chuck and Son’s Brewing Co., we wanted to circle back to where it all began. Quite simply, bringing the best beers, designed by the best brewer, to the modern Aussie connoisseur.”

Routinely referred to as the godfather of Australian brewing, Chuck is lauded for the creation of a real beer culture in Australia, largely contributing to the growth of the thriving craft scene. “There are many great craft beers out there, and brewers I’m really impressed by,” says Chuck. “With this brewery, we’re adding to and complementing that space with only the best. The beers I’ve spent more than 50 years perfecting. They’re refined, they’re sessionable, they’re my proudest work so far.”

That includes Chuck’s three grandsons - Scott’s boys - who are frequenting The Tap Room, but still need a decade under their belts before they sample the life’s work of their grandfather. In the meantime, it’s all of us who will benefit from Chuck and Son’s Brewing Co., every expertly crafted sip at a time.