In the famed words of Chuck Hahn, “Beer and food matching is just like wine and food pairing. Just less wanky.” And who are we to argue with our founder? When it comes to enjoying your Chuck & Son’s Brewing Co. beers, we recommend you pair it with the best. Which is precisely what you’ll find at Chuck’s Kitchen. 

 From snacks to share, through to meals to feed your family, the menu at Chuck’s Kitchen has been lovingly designed to delight your tastebuds, while meticulously matching your freshly poured brew. Designed and run by our friends at Dope Fusion, Chuck’s Kitchen is housed on The Tap Room terrace in our custom-built food truck. This is pub food done Chuck’s way. 

 You’ll find freshened up favourites (how’s that bánh mì inspired steak sandwich?), new flavours (like lamb ribs brined in our American Amber) and share plates to satisfy every friend’s palate. Yes, even the children, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, vegetarian and vegan crew. We told you we were inclusive.