At the Chuck and Son's Brewing Co. Tap Room, you'll always find our classic beers on tap. But you'll also find a selection of exclusive Tap Room-only brews, perfected by Chuck Hahn himself.


    A combination of malted barley, wheat and oats contribute to this beer's dense, hazy appearance, which is surprisingly smooth and easy to drink. Using Australian Vic Secret hops in the kettle, large quantities of Idaho 7, and Citra in dry hopping, we create a balance of highly appealing flavours, with guava marmalade coming through alongside a tangerine peel zesty finish. Enjoy at all altitudes.


    When 1920s cyclists would traverse the German hills, they'd complement their ride with a radler. A delectable blend of freshly brewed beer and perfectly sparkling lemonade. The result? Optimal refreshment, hydration and just a hint of frivolity. The Touring Radler brings this nostalgic style to our modern palates. Whether you're reaching the summit or remaining on flat ground, welcome to refreshment.


    Only pale malted barley, light kettle hopping and an extended mash cooking and fermentation process are used to create a very easy drinking lager with reduced calories. Gentle hopping with Ella hops from Victoria produces a light grapefruit floral finish. Carbohydrates are reduced to less than 0.5g/L with zero sugar levels. Calories from the alcohol and carbs are about 25cal/100 ml so that’s 106 calories/425ml. Enjoy.