The legend himself, Chuck is the heart, name and palate behind Chuck and Son’s Brewing Co. With over fifty years of brewing experience, Chuck has been coined the “godfather of beer,” and is widely credited for creating the Australian craft beer industry. Having developed some of Australia’s favourite beers, he is now proudly sharing the brews that he’s been waiting decades to release. Now fully independent and within a family-run business, Chuck’s passion for beer and brewing has never been stronger.


The man with the vision, Scott is the charming, beer-loving entrepreneur who decided to park an established corporate career to follow his dream. With a background in consulting, risk, sales and strategy, he is now bringing those carefully honed skills to his own enterprise, while also learning how to operate a printer. Determined to carry on Chuck’s legacy and to make a mark on the world, Scott’s next challenge will be to gently coax one of his three sons away from the Pokémon cards and into the family business. Just in about 10 years’ time.


    Have you spotted the man in the tap room who looks like he’s defined the word “brewer?” That’s our Richard! Burly beard, Viking looks and beer t-shirts aside, Richard is the dog-loving softie who brings our beers to life. Having spent decades working for some of Australia’s top breweries, Richard is now riding his beloved motorbike to St Peters each day to “brew the absolute best beers with absolute legends.”


    The marketing whiz, faster-than-lightening, winner of the “greatest hustle” award in an office full of hustlers, Layla may single handily be changing the reputation of Gen Z. She is the person responsible for everything from our website and socials, to the snacks and merch you’ll find on our shelves. With a double degree in science and business, watch out brewing world, you’re about to get to know Layla.  


    If you’ve visited The Tap Room, chances are you’ve encountered our Venue Manager and resident master of all things charming, Jono. Having spent decades in senior leadership positions at
    some of Australia’s most prominent venues, as well as being awarded more cocktail accolades than we can fit in our 9-metre-long-bar, Jono is now the proud face and mind behind The Tap Room.