It goes without saying that at The Tap Room, you will find exceptional beer. That much is a given. What you may be surprised to discover, however, are exceptional cocktails. Created specifically for our venue by internationally awarded cocktail expert and venue manager Jono Carr, these are remastered classics you’ll return for. Crafted and infused with elements of our family recipes and in-house beers, we invite you to meet your new favourites.


Our take on the world's best-known cocktail is poured at minus 18 degrees using high quality Archie Rose Gin, Aussie made Regal Rogue Lively Vermouth and orange bitters for depth; perfectly diluted for a bracingly cold beverage. Garnished with Amy Hahn’s renowned pickles, Sicilian green olives and zested with a disk of lemon. If you like your Martini served Dirty, ask for this masterful drink in your own cheeky manner.


Archie Rose vodka provides a clean, crisp base for this frozen icon. Regal Rogue Daring Dry Vermouth shares an undertone of anise, myrtle, quandong and native thyme, resulting in an earthy, salty and very herbaceous character. With Amy’s famous pickle brine (laced with fennel and mustard seeds), an umami edge is given to this classic martini.


Our Negroni is a great example of a cocktail that, on face value, is simple and delicious, though if searching, also complex and unique. We start with gin, then add citra hops before leaving to rest for 24 hours and straining through a coffee filter. Instead of the usual Italian Bitter, we look to our nearby friends at Poor Toms who have made the Imbroglio Amaro; a mixture of their strawberry gin and 25 herbs and spices. Finishing with a super juicy Australian Yuzu Sweet Vermouth, this is an approachable Negroni for everyone.


The Old Fashioned is a great joining of minds between Brewery and Bar. Head Brewer Richard suggested using the wert (malt water) before being hopped to make a unique cereal sweetener for cocktails. Genius. We take several litres and reduce it down, then add Archie Rose Double Malt, a blend of Single Malt and Rye and a fair whack of bitters. This tasty Old Fashioned is then served over Bare Bones cut ice with a fancy orange zest.


The Spritz on tap is the perfect warm day refresher, with Unexpected Guest’s Pink Flamingo gin - steeped with fresh raspberries - alongside riesling, apple juice, salted water (trust us), pink grapefruit cordial, and vodka that has been infused with lemon drop hops. The result? Citrus depth, earthy aromas and all-round-deliciousness.


A refreshing cocktail using a locally made cane spirit, our very own Hefeweizen (reduced to create a syrup to bring a unique, fruit-forward sweetness), fresh lime and Fever Tree ginger ale. Poured into a tall glass alongside a long piece of hand-carved Bare Bones ice offcuts (handmade in Marrickville), it’s garnished with a float of Australian-made aromatic bitters, adding a herbaceous aroma. In other words? A very fancy “rum and ginger ale” that could only be found at Chuck & Son’s Brewing Co.