Why Chuck Hahn decided to start his own brewery. Again.

Why Chuck Hahn decided to start his own brewery. Again.

When you ask the classic Aussie beer connoisseur who personifies ‘craft beer,’ the answer is almost always one person. Chuck Hahn. The master brewer whose palate has defined some of our country’s favourite craft beers, and whose generosity and expertise has helped to build dozens of craft breweries all across Australia. 

Coming to Australia in the 1980s, Chuck already held an impressive career in the USA. Graduating with a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, Chuck determined that he’d rather put his chemistry skills to work on a product people could enjoy. From there, he worked for the Coors Brewery in Colorado, ultimately leading the R&D team who developed the recipe and associated new brewing process for the much loved Coors Light. This involved the careful use of special enzymes in the brew house to break down the complex sugars into more fermentable ones.

Having worked as a brewer for a number of leading brands in Australia and New Zealand, Chuck followed his passion toward his own brewery - Hahn. Crafting renowned brews including Hahn Premium and Hahn Premium Light, the brewery was eventually bought by Lion, with Chuck staying on as Head Brewer, while spreading his brewing wings to additional brands under the Lion portfolio. Among these were Kosciusko and James Squire, which remain some of the most adored beers in Aussie fridges. 

Having retired from brewing after over 50 years (the anniversary of which was even celebrated by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who visited Chuck at both the Malt Shovel Brewery in Camperdown and at Squire’s Landing), most were expecting Chuck to lay up his boots and take a well-earned rest. But those who know Chuck well know that’s just not his style. “Brewing is as much a part of who I am as breathing,” laughs Chuck. “I knew I’d never be able to step away. Plus, I knew that some of my best brews were still yet to be released.” 

So, when Chuck’s son Scott floated the idea of a fully independent, family-owned craft brewery, Chuck’s interest was sufficiently piqued. “I realised this was the chance I had to bring my best beers to the modern Aussie beer lover,” Chuck says. “In doing so, I could work with my family. All while creating some of the best brews out there, if I may say so!” 

With that, Chuck and Son’s Brewing Co. was born. A celebration of Chuck Hahn’s enormous contribution to the Australian craft beer market, with a deeply exciting addition to the scene. From remastered classics to new favourites, with Chuck and Son’s Brewing Co., Chuck is ready for the most rewarding chapter of his career to date. And we are certainly ready to enjoy the beers.

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