We take a look inside Chuck Hahn's brewing history.

We take a look inside Chuck Hahn's brewing history.

Who is Chuck Hahn?

When it comes to brewing beer, there are many names that come to mind. But there is one that stands out among the rest, he puts the ‘Chuck’ into Chuck and Son’s, but many others know him as “the godfather of craft beer in Australia.” A key innovator in the development of Coors Light, Hahn Superdry, James Squire’s One Fifty Lashes, Kosciuszko Pale Ale and some of the best Australian beers found in fridges. So grab a cold one (preferably one of his) and let's dive into the fascinating history of our co-founder Chuck Hahn.

From Engineer to Brewmaster

Chuck Hahn's journey into the world of brewing is as intriguing as his beers. After graduating with a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, Chuck began his brewing career at The Coors Brewing Company in 1971 in their research and development team. Combining his passion for brewing and his varied skillset as an engineer, Chuck and his team developed ‘Coors Light’ in 1977, one of the first carbohydrate-reduced beers on the market at that time. 

In 1981, Chuck was headhunted by popular Tooths and Resch's Brewing Company and emigrated to Australia as their General Manager of Brewing. Armed with determination and a love for all things beer, he embarked on a quest to modernise their brewing system. 

The Birth of the Hahn Brewery

In 1988, Chuck Hahn made history by opening his own brewery, aptly named Hahn Brewery in Camperdown. At the time, craft beer was known as ‘boutique beer,’ a minor segment of the market enjoyed by only a small group of the beer lovers. With his innovative brewing techniques and a touch of magic, Chuck quickly gained a loyal following of beer enthusiasts who couldn't get enough of his delicious Hahn beverages. 

Although it wasn’t all smooth sailing for young Chuck Hahn, the 1990 recession saw interest rates sky rocket, which resulted in the Hahn Brewery being acquired by Lion, with Chuck becoming Chief Brewer of eight Lion breweries in 1993. 

Revolutionising the Australian Beer Scene

After this, Hahn Premium continued to expand, Hahn Premium Light launched and the brewery continued to grow. The rise of Australian craft beer in the late nineties offered an exciting new opportunity for Chuck to revolutionise the beer scene. Chuck proposed to Lion a rebrand of his original brewery, renaming the location as the ‘Malt Shovel Brewery,’ brewing English style ales, a beer which was previously unheard of in the land down under. 

After three years, the Malt Shovel brewery was turning a million dollar profit thanks to Chuck’s discovery of the James Squire story in 1998 and a world of popular new flavours offered to thirsty Aussies. 

Chuck Hahn’s Legacy

Chuck Hahn's impact on the brewing industry is celebrated and respected among the industry. His dedication to quality, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of what beer can be has inspired countless brewers around the world. Today, his legacy lives on through the beers that bear his name - particularly Chuck and Son’s Brewing Co. - and make our taste buds sing. 

So, raise your glass to Chuck Hahn, the man who turned beer brewing into an art form.


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