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The journey of our famous copper kettles.

If you’ve taken a look around The Tap Room, you will have noticed our spectacular copper brew kettles. Originally built in the 1980s in Germany, these kettles have had two lives before joining us in St Peters.

As well as being a feast for the eyes, we opted for these second-hand kettles because of the character they embody and the stories they tell. With serious personality and history, we knew they were the ideal kettles to find a home at Chuck and Son’s Brewing Co.

Aside from their charming history, these kettles are made of copper, which is the real MVP when it comes to brewing. It conducts heat like no other, ensuring a precise and even distribution throughout the brewing process. We’ve also partnered with coppersmith Peter from Riverndale Copper to craft iconic doors, which seal in our liquid gold. 

Our beloved kettles serve as a constant reminder of the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every pint we pour. Each dent and scratch tells a story, a testament to the passion and expertise that goes into brewing the perfect beer.

At Chuck & Son's Brewing Co., we believe in embracing the quirks and imperfections that make life interesting, with our secondhand copper brew kettles being a perfect embodiment of that philosophy. They bring a little piece of history and a whole lot of character to every batch we brew. So, the next time you raise a glass of our beer, remember that it's not just a drink. It's a story in a pint glass.

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