Our partners in The Tap Room.

Our partners in The Tap Room.

You've decided to visit the Chuck and Son’s Tap Room, ready to indulge in some delicious craft beer. And while it may be our bread and butter, beer is not all we have on offer. Our team has meticulously crafted a selection of snacks and drinks that complement our brews or stand right on their own. 

Really Good Beer Nuts: Not Just for the Brew Crew

If the name hasn’t already convinced you to crack into a packet, their taste certainly will. These crunchy, salty, and perfectly roasted nuts are the ultimate snack to be paired with our beers while enjoying the lively atmosphere of our brewpub. Take it from us. You won't be able to stop at just one handful.

Bareback Biltong: A Meaty Delight

After a protein-packed snack that pairs perfectly with your favourite beverage? Look no further than Bareback Biltong. Made with grass fed Australian beef and in a variety of flavours, Bareback promises to have your taste buds tingling and your mouth salivating. 

Yumbo Lemonade: The Zesty Quencher

Need a break from the hoppy goodness of our beers? Yumbo Soda has you covered with their refreshing lemonade. Brewed in Victoria by Ben Frazer using Yarra Valley lemons, this small-batch brand will quench your thirst and leave you feeling refreshed. It's the perfect drink to enjoy on a sunny day on our terrace for the designated drivers or the under 18s. 

Curatif Cocktails: Convenience in a Can

If the occasion calls for something fancy, our canned cocktails from Curatif will be just the ticket. Whether you're a fan of margaritas, mojitos, or mules, these canned cocktails will tickle your taste buds. Just pop open a can, sit back, and sip away.

Proper Crisps: The Classic Crunch

What's a beer snack menu without the classic potato chips? Our team took the task of finding the perfect crunch extremely seriously and we’re confident we’ve found the best there is. Founded in New Zealand, Proper Crisps are salty and oh-so-satisfying, plus GMO and palm oil free (of course). Whether you like them plain, salt and vinegar, or even pickle flavoured, we have a chip for every craving. Grab a bag, find a cosy spot in our brewpub, and let the snacking begin!

Wine: Because Sometimes You Need a Little Class 

Thanks to our Marrickville friends at Viticult, we're curating a continually changing and evolving selection of wines that are perfect for any occasion. From crisp whites to chilled reds and adventurous naturals, our wine list has something for everyone. 

Nudie Juice: Because the Kids Deserve a Treat Too

Let's address the kangaroo in the room. Yes, we offer juices for kids. And only the best: Nudie Juices. We believe everyone should have a chance to enjoy their time at our brewpub, especially the youngest. (Because we all know a happy child = a happy parent.) So while you sip on your craft beer, your children can enjoy their own beverage adventure. We call that a win-win.

So, the next time you visit The Tap Room, we invite you to explore the delicious world beyond beer. Cheers to snacks and sips that go beyond the pint!

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